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  1. "In the Flesh" links


    Season 1:




    Season 2:







    (These are not my links and I take no credit for them, I just wanted an easy-access location for the whole series.  Let me know if any stop working and I will gladly find others.)

  2. guess who started watching in the flesh

  3. motiya:

    my aesthetic is looking mean as hell but being the nicest warmest person you ever met so you feel terrible for judging and become a better person thru it all

  4. leonerdnimoy:




    hyenas, terrifying and excellently organized predators of the savannah

    also surprisingly docile and like neck scritches and have a tail chasing compulsion

    if you don’t think hyenas are great then you’re objectively wrong

    Aaaahhh, I love hyenas. :D

    Hyenas: Always getting a bad rap because lions are jerks. Lions actually steal from hyenas most of the time because hyenas are the better predators — but they’re also very skittish when faced with a giant pride of cats. Adorable babies!

    Okay, lemme tell you about spotted hyenas, aka the BAMFiest BAMFs in the animal kingdom.

    1. Their societies are entirely female-dominated. Female hyenas are larger and stronger than males and have higher social status in clan hierarchy - even the lowest-ranking female in a hyena clan is higher up the social ladder than the highest-ranking male. They’re basically the Amazons of the animal world. The females even have false penis-like appendages (which are essentially large clitorises), which led the ancient Greeks to think that hyenas were hermaphrodites. Because fuck your narrow human perceptions of sex and gender roles, that’s why.
    2. They are considered the dominant predators of the African savannah, despite not being the largest or strongest, because they are the most successful hunters. Their hunting success rate is estimated to be about 70-80%, meaning that they catch about 70-80% of prey they pursue - a freakishly high statistic (to compare, the success rate of lions and wolves is about 20-30%). They also scavenge much less than lions do, as whowasntthere said, and are incredibly adaptable and opportunistic predators, meaning that they are also the most common and widespread of the large African carnivores. That’s not too bad for an animal typecast as a lazy scavenger.
    3. Their jaws are some of the strongest in the animal kingdom, stronger than those of lions, tigers, wolves or perhaps bears, and can crush elephant and giraffe bones; hyenas are also able to digest all bone matter. Don’t tell me that’s not metal as fuck.
    4. Despite looking like dogs, they are not part of the dog family and are actually more closely related to cats. Because fuck your logic. Nature does what it wants.
    5. They are incredibly intelligent. They are easily as intelligent as primates and some scientists claim that their intelligence may even rival that of the great apes, which would make them among the most intelligent animals in the world. Hyenas even outperform chimpanzees on some tests, which is pretty damn awesome, considering that chimpanzees are our closest relatives and all.

    So yeah, basically hyenas are awesome and badass as well as truly fascinating animals and if you don’t have at least a bit of respect for them you’re wrong.

  5. kickingshoes:

    First illustration for kedreeva, winner of our Sterek Campaign slots! She requested Stiles as a runemage, with Derek in his wolf form and a ethereal wolf familiar at his sides.

  6. liamstewrt:

    Scott and Stiles’ relationship progression (S01 - S04)

  7. I really really want to draw/paint more again but I haven’t been able too for a couple weeks now because I ran out of room in my sketch book and my favorite color in my water color set broke :(

  8. thebloggerbloggerfun:



    so i was reading [this] article about the musical episode of supernatural and


    ok you have my interest




    oh my god

    This is real and it’s on TV Guide, who are notorious for avoiding slash talk.

    God Bless TV Guide.

  9. weegboi:




  10. serieslover:

    teen wolf meme: eight brotps [3/8]

    We knew one of them was going to be important to you, and now we know it’s Lydia. Because of Scott.

  11. make me choose • scottmcpayne asked: Isaac Lahey or Stiles Stilinski


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